DATE DE DÉBUT7 novembre 2017

HEURE 19 h 30 min

LIEUCentre culturel de Caraquet

are you going to attend PIGS: CANADA'S PINK FLOYD - HOMMAGE À PINK FLOYD ? No one is attending yet. Yes, I am



Formed in 2008 in Victoria, British Columbia, PIGS have spent nine years perfecting their craft in front of sold out audiences throughout Western Canada. On their Left + Right East Coast Tour of 2017, PIGS are bringing an epic and rare treat for Pink Floyd fans out East: the band will be crossing the country to perform selections from the entire Floyd catalog, including a few special surprises from Floyd solo records.  In addition to classics from legendary albums like Dark Side Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, and The Wall, the band will showcase material that has rarely—if ever—been performed live by Pink Floyd.  The band and their lighting, sound, and visual designers are all Floyd aficionados and are coming together to create for you an incredible night filled with music, lasers, and the glow of a giant Mr Screen. PIGS is the most authentic Floyd act around, with the right people, equipment, and performances to give you an incredible musical experience you will never forget.


Promotional Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-h9LIQx9epo


PIGS is Canada’s most authentic Pink Floyd tribute. What have we got that the others don’t?

1. The right people:  Most Pink Floyd acts feature one person as the front-man—much like Pink Floyd did in the 80s and 90s. We recreate the band as they existed in the 1970s, and each member of our band portrays one member of the Floyd and does exactly what they would have done live.  Our Gilmour plays the lead guitar parts and sings half the songs, our Waters plays acoustic sometimes, and yes—we have a Snowy White.

2. The right gear:  We try to replicate as closely as possible the instruments and backline used by Pink Floyd.  We use the same amps, the same guitars—even the same cables.  This means we look and sound more like the real thing.

3. The right age:  We’re not the same age as members of Pink Floyd are now; we’re the same average age as the Floyd were on their late 70s tours.  This keeps us exciting and dynamic to watch, and helps us perform the songs like a real band instead of sounding like karaoke.

4. The right era:  Frankly, we are tired of tribute bands emulating Pink Floyd as they were on the PULSE tour in the 90s.  Instead we replicate the lights, look, and sound of the Floyd’s stage show in the 1970s.  Of course, we still play songs from the 60s and 80s, but we do everything in the spirit of the band as they were at their creative peak in the 1970s.

Left + Right East Coast Tour Fall 2017
FRI SEPT 29 Nanaimo, BC Port Theatre

TUE OCT 3 Winnipeg, MB – Pyramid Cabaret

WED OCT 4 Winnipeg, MB – Pyramid Cabaret

SAT OCT 7 Sudbury, ON – Fraser Auditorium

SUN OCT 8 Kawartha, ON – Academy Theater

TUE OCT 10 Parry Sound, ON – Charles W. Stockey Centre

WED OCT 11 Meaford, ON – Meaford Arts & Cultural Centre

FRI OCT 13 Toronto, ON – Sandra Faire and Ivan Fecan

SAT OCT 14 Windsor, ON – Capitol Theatre Centre

SUN OCT 15 Brampton, ON – Lester Pearson Theatre

TUE OCT 17 Port Dover, ON – Lighthouse Theatre

WED OCT 18 Niagara Falls, ON – Seneca Theatre

FRI OCT 20 Chatham-Kent, ON – Capitol Theatre

SAT OCT 21 London. ON – London Music Hall

TUE OCT 24 Orillia, ON – Orillia Opera House

WED OCT 25 North Bay, ON – Capitol Center

FRI OCT 27 Quebec, QC – Imperial Bell

SUN OCT 29 Sherbrooke, QC – Centennial Theatre

MON OCT 30 Joliette, QC – Salle Rolland Brunelle

TUE OCT 31 Ottawa, QC – Harold Shenkman Hall

FRI NOV 3 Sydney, NS – Savoy Theatre – 760 cap
SAT NOV 4 – Halifax, NS – Marquee – 600 capacity
SUN NOV 5 New Glasgow, NB – Glasgow Square Theatre – 350 cap
TUE NOV 7 Caraquet, NB – Centre culturel de Caraquet – 280 capacity
FRI NOV 10 Hamilton, ON – Lincoln Alexander Centre – 360 cap
MON NOV 13 Petersborough, ON – Market Hall Performing Arts Centre – 348 cap

FRI  NOV 24  Sidney, BC  – Charlie White Theatre

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