DATE DE DÉBUT2 septembre 2017

HEURE 15 h 00 min


are you going to attend LABOUR DAY ROCK FEST - RIVER GLEN AMPHITHEATRE ? No one is attending yet. Yes, I am


Promoters chose to present this great lineup in a cozy natural atmosphere located at a 15-minute drive from the downtown Moncton. The River Glen Amphitheatre is a big concert venue established on the PetitCodiac riverfront in Moncton and can easily accommodate more than 15 thousand spectators.

MONCTON – This will be the last big music event before the end of summer and organizers expect more than 10 000 spectators. On Saturday, September 2nd Canadian music legend, Burton Cummings, Nazareth, the Stampeders, Sass Jordan and Lawrence Gowan promise to give their best performance of the summer in Moncton.

Burton Cummings, former lead singer for the Canadian rock band The Guess Who co -wrote many hit songs, including « American Woman » and « These Eyes ». Mr. Cummings is a legend and he will share the stage with 70s hard rock band Nazareth who recorded the worldwide number one love song « Love Huts ».

It will be this Summer’s Biggest Concert in New Brunswick

The Stampeders, a Canadian band formed in the 1970s, are well known for their hit songs, Sweet City Women and Wild Eyes. Adding to the show, the British-born Canadian rock singer, Sass Jordan and Laurence Gowan lead vocalist of the band Styx and author of Strange Animal a song that charted number one in 1985.

Local organizations will operate the refreshment services and profits will be shared to finance their activities. Having local non-profit groups to participate in the event will assure a quick service and they will also benefit from the concert.

Doors will open at 1:30 pm on Saturday and the concert starts at 3 pm with The Stampeders followed by Sass Jordan, Lawrence Gowan, Nazareth and Burton Cummings.


-No re-entry to the site is allowed
-Beach chairs will be allowed on site
-A special section will be available for wheel chairs.
-No umbrellas but Rain Coats and ponchos are allowed
-Back packs and bags are allowed

Items not admitted on site:

-No alcoholic beverages allowed
-Food or beverages
-Illegal Drugs and drug paraphernalia
-Plastic bottles, glass bottles and cans
-Rigid thermos, coolers or any other plastic containers
-Weapons or fireworks
-Inflatables, beach balls or balloons
-Animals (except seeing eye dogs)
-Lager backpacks (camping style)
-Video equipment
-Professional photo equipment (approved media only)
-Audio recording
-No item intended for sale/promotion
-Illegal merchandise of any description
-Laser pointers/large flashlights
-Costumes with sharp items
-Any object that can be used to cause bodily harm
-Selfie sticks
-Hard chairs
Regular admission August 10th, 2017 – September 2nd, 2017




Front stage, reserved fenced -in area, private washrooms

Express VIP entrance, 5 refreshment coupons


Rough Camping

All campers must hold a concert ticket

Campground entertainment Friday night

Tents, trailers and RV (limited sites available)

Campground opens at 9:00 AM September 1st

Campers must register and park on September 1ST

 (No registering on Saturday will be allowed)

On site parking $10.00 per vehicle

Service fees or delivery fees
A ticket bought online or by phone is subject to a service fee. Your order can also be subject to a delivery fee if you want your ticket to be sent by mail. Picking up your tickets at the door on the night of the event is also an option

For more information:

506 382-1234



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